Learning German Online

  • "Learning with Text", "lingq.com" and "Learning with Short Texts"

    These three programs allow one to listen to an article, podcast, or text and read the corresponding transcript at the same time.

    They also keep track of the words in the text that you already know. You can click on a word, that you don't know, and it shows you multiple definitions of the words from various online sources; you then choose the definition that fixes for the text that you are reading. Later they can test you on the words that you know. Very powerful programs. Must see in action to really understand how they works.

    Discussion of all three of the above: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/22602158/Learning-With-Texts-free-opensource-alternative-to-Lingq

    • http://lingq.com/

      Many youtube videos explain how this program works. Be sure to look at a recent video because this program keeps changing. I have been using this program to learn Spanish. I have uploaded audio and text for my private use. I have also used audio and texts that are public.

    • Learning with Text open source project

      demo of learning with text: http://lwt.sourceforge.net/testdb/

      LWT Online Demo - try it out:
        General Hints:
      • Do not use for productive work!!
      • Your data may be deleted at any time by other users!!
      • Only one LWT table set is available - the multiple table set feature has been deactivated.
      • You may "reset" the demo by going to "Backup/Restore", and by clicking on "Install LWT Demo Database".
      • START ONLINE DEMO (at sourceforge.net, User ID = lwt, Password = lwt)

      This open source project is extremely well documented. I have it running on a virtual Linux machine. I also tried the demo.

    • https://learningwithshorttexts.com/

      The short texts are too short.

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